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Enrollment Procedures



*Enrollments at EHS for siblings in Grades 9-12 MUST BE COMPLETED prior to enrolling at Dauphin.  EHS will give a clearance letter upon enrollment.

* Students living Out of District must submit a completed out of district enrollment packet at Enterprise City Board of Education and be cleared to enroll prior to arriving to enroll at the school.  Packets must include previous school records which at a minimum provide attendance, state test scores, grades and a discipline history signed by an administrator.  Incomplete Packets will not be reviewed.

Once you are clear to enroll at Dauphin, please bring the following items with you to complete a school enrollment packet:

- FIRST PROOF OF RESIDENCY (Current Lease/Mortgage Statement, Current Utility Bill, Current Property tax records, Current Income Tax Records, Current Vehicle Registration, Drivers License.  Item must be in parent/guardian name**)

- SECOND PROOF OF RESIDENCY (second item must be provided from list above.  Item must be in parent/guardian name**)

- Parent Photo ID (must match parent listed on birth certificate)

- Birth Certificate

- Alabama Immunization Form (Out of state forms will not be accepted.  Coffee County Health Dept or Lyster Army Hospital or a private physician can update out of state forms for you.)

- Student Social Security # is requested (For transcript tracking purposes within the state.  An ID number can be generated if SSN is not disclosed)

- Final Report Card showing Yearly Averages along with Promotion Status or Current Withdrawal Form from last school attended.  (Records will have to be requested without this information.  Schools have 30 days to transfer records to us once requested)

- Copy of IEP or 504 Plan if applicable

- Copy of Custody Agreements signed by a judge if the school needs to be aware of arrangements.


**Please call the school to discuss unique enrollment circumstances.