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100 Books

  • CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for reading 100 books...

    **This page will be updated at the end of every month**


    October:  Lauren Peterson

    November:  Camden Abbott, Isaac Kindred, Eli Sims, David Duncan, Jozalyn Brown, Drew Staples, Peyton Kennedy, Hailey Facey

    December:  Jocelyn Winter, Olive Verges, Sarah Winter, Andrew Hurley, Olivia Wilder, Lucas Pettee, Elizabeth Brooks, Oliver Fulmer, Pierce Conners, Sebastian Conners, William Conners, David Duncan (200)

    January:  Jude Baughman, Emma Rigsby, Lauren Peterson (200), Faith Lucas, Zeke Nelsen, Mary Margaret Snipes, Jacey Reeves, Ethan Nichols, Hayden L. White, Caroline Riley

    February: Layla Gray, Addisyn Forte, Eli Sims (200), Parker Fleming, Sophia Morgan, Parker Pollard, Ella Clemmons, Addie Money, Evan Peterson, Emily Wise, Lauren Peterson (300), Baker Snell, Layla Herbster, Sarah Winter (200), Jocelyn Winter (200), Hampton Andino, Austin George

    March:  Anaiah Creel, Camden Abbott (200), Essie K Mahe, Lauren Peterson (400), Clay Granger, Emily Walz, Braelyn King

    April:  Mary Margaret Snipes (200), Ellington Robley, Wrenyn Waters, Evan Roksandich, Ezra Wade, Cameron Baker, Malaisia Carter, Tessa Tucker, John Franklin Cain, Emmanuel Pough, Ayden Nguyen, Isaac Kindred (200), Nicolas Schnaufer, Roxanne Carmichael, Ester Sebastian, Gwyneth Choate, William Douglas, Peter Comps, Lilly Davis, Lyam Runyon

    May:  Joshua Howarth, Peyton Kennedy (200), Brandt Harper, Anthony Menesis-Tino, Mason Pincombe, Jep Linton, Le'Miracle Baldwin, Oliver Fulmer (200), Sarah Winter (300), Jocelyn Winter (300), Charlotte Walters, Jnae McKenzie, Victor Galloway, Marshall Ray, Holt Harden, 

    WOW!!!!!  WAY TO GO!!!

Fry Word Hall of Fame


    Fry Word Hall of Fame: (updated 10/23/19)

    100 Fry Words:  Brooks Thrash, Roen McGulley, Grace Wallace, Jenna Lee, Reyna Diaz, Jacob Hines

    200 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley, Jenna Lee, Grace Wallace, Mary Caroline Dow

    300 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley, Jenna Lee, Grace Wallace

    400 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley, Grace Wallace

    500 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley, Grace Wallace

    600 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley

    700 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley

    800 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley

    900 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley

    1,000 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley

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