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  • Dragonfly MAX Parent Instructions

    The Alabama High School Athletic Association will be using Dragonfly Max for athletic eligibility beginning 2020-2021. If your child is interested in playing any sport at Enterprise High School, Dauphin Junior High School, or Coppinville Junior High School you will need to create an account in Dragonfly.


    Link to Dragonfly https://www.dragonflymax.com/


    To create an account follow the steps below.

    1. Download the DragonFly MAX app from the App Store or Google Play (or click on the provided link)
    2. Tap ‘Get Started’ and ‘Sign Up for Free’ then follow the prompts to create your Parent account with your own
    email address.
    Note: please do not create an account with your child’s name or contact information — you will get the chance to
    add your child soon!
    3. Verify your account with the verification ID sent to your email address.
    4. Tap ‘Connect to your school’ to select ‘Parent’ as your role and search for your child’s school. Use the following
    Codes to find your child’s school(s). Enterprise High School - PRHADG, Dauphin Jr. High - LSNRZ6, Coppinville Jr.
    High - PKYX8Z
    5. After selecting your child’s school, tap ‘Join’ to request access. The athletic director at your school will approve
    your request.
    6. Tap ‘Set up your children’ and follow the prompts to add your student athletes. When asked what teams they
    are interested in please select either Tryout Roster Male or Tryout Roster Female.

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