Mrs. Susanne Kalagian Markel

Phone: 334-347-2215


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Psychology/Sociology M.S. Instrumental Music M.S. Counseling Psychology M.S. English as a Second Language Ed. S. Music Certified: Instrumental Music, Choral Music, ESL, Secondary Social Science

Mrs. Susanne Kalagian Markel

  • I am married to a very nice man, Bart. We have been married half my childhood and my entire adult life. (30+ years)

Our kids are scattered all over the United States. 

  • Laura lives in Las Vegas .  She is a manager for a landscaping company. She loves hiking, acting and music. 
  • Bartlett recently started a career in the US Coast Guard. My "Coastie" is married to a lovely woman, Mesha. They live in St Louis.  They have a beautiful baby girl. Zelda (my tiny Warrior Princess!) was born in June. 
  • Malyssa is married to TJ  and they live in Tennessee. Malyssa is a stay at home mom  and her husband is a  minister. They have four beautiful little girls named Madelyn who is 7 years old, Emma who is 5 and Sara who is 2. In December they welcomed their 4th daughter, Mila. 
  • Joseph works at the University of Montevallo. He studied music, mass communications and theater. He is an amazing guitar player and composer and I'm really proud (and a little jealous) of his abilities. He is soon going off on new adventures in the midwest!
  • Adrianna is my terrific fourth grader. She is beautiful and smart and I can't wait to see all the wonderful things she does. Right now she loves dance, gymnastics, swimming, traveling and Kids Tube. 
  • I have a MONSTER dog named Lucy. She was a very cute (and tiny) puppy who grew really fast and is almost as big as me now. I also have a schnoodle dog named Louie. He's on the small side but holds his own with Lucy. The head of the animal household is Tawny Blissa.  This kitty has very sharp claws and has made certin that the dogs know this. We recently acquired a new kitty. Her name is Loki. She is still looking to make friends with the others and hoping to fit in soon. 
  • I am a member of the House of Determination.