John A. Albrecht



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science, Business Administration A.A. Alabama General Studies Degree Two year Automotive Certificate USA Shooting Sports, Rifle Coach (Level 1) Civilian Marksmanship Program (Rifle Coach Certified) Civilian Marksmanship Program (Junior Master Instructor Coach Certified) Virginia State Hunter Safety Educator Certified. Army Bronze Instructor Award

John A. Albrecht


  • 2008 to Present, Enterprise High School
  • 6 Years Marion Military Institute High School, Marion Al.
  • 9 years Garden High School, Grundy Va. (Buchanan County Va. School Systems)
  • 6 Years Council High School, Council Va. (Garden H.S. satellite School)
  • 3 Years Whitewood High School, Pligrams Knob Va. (Garden H.S. satellite School)
  • 1 Year Course Manager, Ordnance Center & Schools (ANCOC), Aberdeen Md.
  • 4 Years Instructor, Ordnance Center & Schools (ANCOC), Aberdeen Md.
  • 21 Years Active Army (RET)




My name is MSG (Ret) John A. Albrecht and I am one of three Army Instructors for the Enterprise High School JROTC Program. In addition, I coach the High School Rifle Team.

   My first career was in the U.S. Army. I spent 20 year 7 months in the Military and have since retired in 1993. I started teaching JROTC in August of the same year. While in the Military I served three tours with the 101st Airborne Division Fort Campbell ky, another three tours in the Federal Republic of Germany including, Baumholder, KaiserSlautern, and Babenhausen. I served 5 years at Aberdeen Md. 4 years as an Ordnance Corps ANCOC Instructor and 1 year as ANCOC Course Manager. My final tour was Schofield Barracks Hawaii on the Island of Oahu where I served as The Senior Maintenance Advisor for the 45th Support Group Commander prior to retirement.

  My teaching career started in Grundy Virginia at Garden High School. in addition, I had two satellite Schools, one was Council High School and the other was Whitewood High School which I shared with one other Instructor. I moved from there to Marion Military Institute, due to declining student enrollment at the Virgnia schools. At MMI in Marion Alabama, I taught for 6 years. During the last couple of years at MMI the two year College came under State of Alabama and legislation dropped the High School, so, I moved to Enterprise where I have taught since 2008.

 I am Married to Rene' Smith of Clintwood Virginia and had one female child that died at birth.