• Theatre Arts I—fall and spring

    1 credit—may not be repeated
    course fee: $20
    grades 9-12
    Pre-requisite; none  (only students who list this on registration are eligible for enrollment)

    Theatre Arts I is an introduction to theatre production and performance. Students will study and apply principles of theatre, techniques of acting, and essential communication skills. This is a performance-based course. Two after-school performances are required (mid-term and final—dates announced on first day of class)—as well as daily performance activities. Qualified students (demonstrated course progress) may participate in Trumbauer competition with director approval. Enrollment in any theatre course includes membership in the EHS Drama Club.

    Advanced Theatre Arts—fall only

    1 credit—may be repeated if requirements met each year
    course fee: $20 plus expense related to required competition
    grades 10-12
    Pre-requisite: successful completion of TA I, audition, and/or director approval

    Advanced Theatre Arts is an in-depth study and application of principles learned in Theatre Arts I in addition to expanded opportunities to perform. Potential and past performance is factored into the audition for this course, which is held in the spring of each year. Students must possess self-discipline in all aspects of communication and adhere to much stricter expectations in their on and off stage roles. Students are required to compete at the district level of Trumbauer (first weekend in November) and have the opportunity to compete at state level of Trumbauer (first weekend in December), if applicable, and at the Alabama Thespian Festival (February). Enrollment in any theatre course includes membership in the EHS Drama Club.


    Technical Theatre--spring only

    1 credit--may be repeated with director approval
    course fee: $20 (students enrolled in a fall theatre course do not have to pay for spring course)
    grades 9-12
    Pre-requisite: understanding of safety rules and commitment outside of the school day

    Technical Theatre is an overview of stagecraft including design, construction, costuming, make up, props, management, marketing, and use of tools. This is not a performance class. This course is specifically for students who want to explore theatre but do not want to perform. Students will be involved in all aspects of theatrical production and apply techniques to produce the spring show. This course will require several hours spent outside of the school day for construction and rehearsal as well as being present at all five performances of the spring show. Although a previous theatre course is not required, students who have taken a theatre course are encouraged to enroll in tech to further their knowledge and experience in theatre production. Enrollment in any theatre course includes membership in the EHS Drama Club.