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Dr. Amelia Jackson

     Hi, my name is Dr. Amelia S. Jackson. I am the seventh grade ELA instructor and Adjunct English Instructor at ESCC who lives in Enterprise, AL. I've been in education for twenty-four years. I have served many roles throughout my career such as 7-12 grade English teacher, AP Language teacher, AP Literature teacher, BBSST Facilitator, RTI Chair, Lead teacher, English Department Chair, Focus Team Facilitator, Yearbook Advisor, Beta Club Sponsor, Assitant Principal, and Adjunct English Instructor just to name a few. 

     I reconnected with my high school sweetheart, and we have three children between us Kailyn, TJ, and Caleb. They are twenty-six, twenty-five, and nineteen respectively. The two oldest served in the Army National Guard, and the youngest attends ESCC. I knew at an early age that I would be an educator. I've been in love with the written word ever since I learned to read at the tender age of three. I would line my dolls up along the wall of my bedroom and proceed to teach them how to read and write. The nuances of the English have always come easily to me; thus, my becoming an English teacher is in essence second nature to me. I am strategic and methodical in everything that I do especially in disseminating knowledge to my students. I model everything to them and require much of them. My students always rise to my high level of expectations. All who know me will say that I am a stern disciplinarian who is fair and consistent. 

     I love children, reading, and writing, so it's not difficult for me to meld my passion with my livelihood. I love teaching, shaping, and molding young people's lives and minds. I build a strong relational bond with my students as well as students that I do not currently teach.  The old adage of it takes a village to raise a single child is certainly true. I continuously search out and implement strategies to incorporate into my life that will add new and improved skill-sets to my professional toll bag which will help me on my quest of honing my skills. Even though I already have my PhD., I am a perpetual student who is always learning, evolving, and growing.

     In addition to teaching, my passions are baking and cooking. I aspire to one day be on Chopped. I also enjoy reading novels from genres such as romance, thrillers, sci-fi, fiction, religion, and poetry. I write poetry and romance novels that I will one day publish. My professional goal is to become a Superintendent of a school system. Currently, my dissertation is my only published work. My personal motto is: "It is our job and our responsibility as educators to cultivate life-long literate learners. We must ask ourselves: How can we best serve our students?"-Dr. Amelia S. Jackson. I not only look forward to meeting my students but also to shape and mold their minds. Thank you in advance for entrusting me with your child(ren).




Dr. Amelia S. Jackson