• 4 boxes Crayola Crayons (24 count)

    1 large bottle Elmers Glue (white, washable)

    1 pack (12 count) glue sticks

    1 pair scissors (Fiskar or Crayola)

    1 pkg. of pencils

    1 bar eraser

    1 pack washable markers

    1 pack of watercolor paint

    2 black dry erase markers

    1 plastic pocket folders (solid color with prongs)

    2 plastic pocket folders (no prongs)

    1 school box (large plastic pencil box)

    1 red/blue trifold mat

    1 pack construction paper

    1 pack of cardstock paper (colored paper for girls/white paper for boys) optional

    3 primary journals (K-2)   

School Supply List