2020-2021 Encoala Update: The 2021 Encoala Yearbook IS IN!!! Pickup for graduates will be from 1:30pm-3:30pm Sept 1st, Sept 2nd, Sept 3rd, and Tuesday, Sept 6th. Pickup is from 1:30pm-3:30pm daily. Email kmock@enterpriseschools.net with questions or issues. Current student yearbooks will be distributed Thursday, September 2nd during 4th block. Students not on campus 4th block can pick up their yearbook from Mrs. Mock in room 257 during 1st-3rd block.


    Choosing Senior Portraits: Choose digitally by October 10th.

    Senior Baby Photos: Prints without a self addressed envelope were distributed with permanent records at graduation.

    Senior Quotes: Submissions complete for 2021

    Senior Ads: Complete for 2021.

    Email kmock@enterpriseschools.net with any questions or call 334-347-6063 to leave a message during school hours. Calls will be returned at the end of the school day.