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Residence Requirements

Purpose: To establish policy for enrollment eligibility, including procedures for enrollment and requirements for residence; and to establish policy to ensure that students attending city schools have persons who are legally responsible for their care.

Policy: All children having legal residence, as defined herein, within the limits of the Enterprise School District, and meeting the legal entrance requirements shall be eligible to attend Enterprise City Schools.

Residency Verification: The following students shall be subject to residency verification:

1. New enrollees.
2. Students seeking to enroll after a period of interrupted attendance.
3. Students whose names are reported to the administration, calling into question the stu­dent's residence.
4. Other students whose residence is reasonably called into question.

Definition of Residence: residence as used herein means the fixed, permanent, full-time, and primary domicile of the parent(s), legal guardian(s), welfare-appointed custodian(s), or court-appointed fos­ter parent(s) of a student. The legal residence as used herein shall mean that true, fixed, full-time, and permanent home to which, whenever absent, the person in question has the intention of return­ing. Residence does not include a temporary or secondary place of residence established for some specific purpose. In other words, to be eligible to attend Enterprise City Schools, the student must reside in a physical structure constituting a home (a house, apartment, condominium, etc.), which is located in the limits of this school district, with a person legally responsible for his/her care. Residence shall depend on the facts and circumstances of each case; however, the residence must be a place where important activities occur during a significant part of each day, such as eating, sleep­ing, studying, working, etc.