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Early Warning Court

There is a law in Alabama which states that parents must ensure their children attend school and behave properly while in attendance. The District Court, District Attorney, and the Enterprise City Board of Education work collaboratively to ensure attendance laws are enforced. 

A complaint is filed with Juvenile Court for both elementary and secondary students when one of the following occurs:

  • Elementary level students receive either seven unexcused absences/suspension days or ten unexcused tardies
  • Secondary level students receive seven unexcused absences or suspension days

Parents are required to attend a conference session with officials from the court, school system, and District Attorney's office explaining the law and possible consequences. On the elementary level, students do not appear before the judge, but their parents are held directly responsible for their school attendance and behavior. Secondary students and/or parents actually appear in Court for failure to attend or behave properly in school.

Attendance and discipline issues are the first indicators of a student later dropping out of school. By working together, we can ensure that students experience success and become productive, contributing citizens to society.