• Preparing for a test? Want to be a better test-taker? Try to think of a test as a way to SHOW what you KNOW! Be positive!

    Be sure to check out the tabs for links to specific test prep resources (ACT, SAT, ACT WorkKeys, PSAT, ASVAB). Good Luck!

    BEFORE  THE  TEST  tips:

    • Don't procrastinate / Plan your study time
    • Practice specific strategies for your type of test
    • Ask your teachers for direction/help
    • Review early/ Review with a group
    • Prepare an outline or notes
    • Use visual aids/notecards/mnemonics
    • Stay healthy
    • Get plenty of sleep 

    TAKING  THE  TEST  tips:

    • Arrive early         
    • Practice calming/relaxation
    • Maintain a positive attitude
    • Budget your time
    • Read directions carefully
    • Look for cues
    • (if allowed) Write on the test. Get into it!
    • Answer all questions
    • Rely on your first impression
    • Review your answers
    • Stay hydrated and use the bathroom