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     NEW classes offered 2021-2022!  To sign up for these courses, call Sherry Fitzpatrick at 334-489-4700, visit the College & Career Center at EHS, or make the change on your schedule verification sheets distributed March 8. 

     EHS announces new partnership with ESCC/AAC  Mechatronics is a program for students who are interested in industrial automation jobs. Mechatronics is one of the world’s largest high-tech manufacturing fields that incorporates electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering. Students in this field study electronics, motors, automation, robotics, and other advanced manufacturing processes that make them competitive for many high wage, high demand jobs.  The average wage for workers in this field in 2017 was $56,740, while the highest 10% of workers earned more than $87,000! EHS will offer two dual enrollment mechatronics courses next year at the Enterprise Career and Technology Center. These courses will be tuition free and allow students to get a head start on this exciting career. Highly motivated students in grades 10-12 who like to work with their hands and have a good command of Algebra I are a great fit for these courses. The two courses being offered are Industrial Safety and Quality Practices & Measurement. For more information or to sign up for these courses, call Sherry Fitzpatrick at (334)489-4700, visit the College & Career Center at EHS, or see your grade level counselor. 

    Industrial Safety and Quality Practices and Measurement are described below.  The courses, to be taught at ECTC, earn students Dual enrollment credit through the Alabama Aviation College.   (see the Mechatronics video link below)   

    Industrial Safety

    This course is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills related to safety in a manufacturing environment.  Topics include: 

    • Work in a safe and productive manufacturing workplace
    • Perform safety and environmental inspections
    • Perform emergency drills and participate in emergency teams
    • Identify unsafe conditions and take corrective action
    • Provide safety orientation for all employees
    • Train personnel to use equipment safely
    • Suggest process and procedures that support safety of work environment
    • Fulfill safety and health requirements for maintenance, installation and repair
    • Monitor safe equipment and operator performance
    • Utilize effective, safety-enhancing workplace practices

    Quality Practices and Measurement 

    This course is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills related to quality practices and measurement in a manufacturing environment. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to participate in periodic internal quality audit activities, check calibration of gauges and other data collection equipment, suggest continuous improvements, inspect materials and products/processes at all stages to ensure they meet specifications, communicate and document the results of quality problems, take corrective action to restore or maintain quality, record process outcomes and trends, indentify fundamentals of blueprint reading, and use common measurement systems and precision measurement tools. This course will include precision measurement and/or bluepriint reading labs where students will gain experience using measurement tools and reading/drafting prints. This course meets the requirement for the MSSC certificate in Quality Practices and Measurement.  


    Engineering courses at ECTC utilize the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) curriculum.  Instruction follows a hands-on, real-world, problem-solving approach to learning. Students learn to apply the design process, acquire teamwork skills, develop communication proficiency, and hone organizational and critical thinking skills. 

    Courses - course descriptions here (see pg. 70-72)    STEM Course Descriptions

    • Engineering Essentials
    • Introduction to Engineering Design
    • Principles of Engineering
    • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    • Aerospace Engineering
    • Digital Electronics
    • Robotics Applications (FANUC Robotics)
    • Civil Engineering and Architecture 
    • Industrial Safety (Dual Enrollment through AAC)
    • Quality Practices & Measurement (Dual Enrollment through AAC) 

    Engineering VIDEO

    Mechatronics VIDEO

    Industry-Recognized Certifications

    • Autodesk Inventor 
    • Electronic Technician Association (ETA) Electronic Module 1: DC
    • FANUC Robot Handling Tool Operations & Programming

    CTSO (Career Tech Student Organization) - TSATS logo

    Students taking Engineering courses are encouraged to join our CTSO, Technology Student Association (TSA).   Students in TSA participate in community  projects such as 3D printing of Boll Weevil monument figurines.  Students also have the opportunity to travel to state conventions to collaborate with, and compete against, other TSA students in Alabama.  



    * Participation and Competion in both VEX Robotics and BEST Robotics is encouraged for students in Engineering courses

    * On average, 70% of students taking our Engineering introduction course earn Autodesk Inventor certification

    * AP+PLTW Student Achievement recognition