• The first step for college financail aid of any kind is the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  This will determine if you're eligible for a Pell grant, a campus job at your college, and student loans.  Several scholarship applications require you to file a FAFSA before you can apply for the scholarship. 

    Always make sure you go to this legitimate site:


    There are several dangerous scam sites out there! Be careful! Be smart!!

      * help sheet to create your FSA ID (you will need one AND a parent will need one) - FSA ID help / record your info

     * what do I need to file the FAFSA - gather these items

     * Mrs. Brockman's tips for the FAFSA - FAFSA need-to-know

     * FAFSA explained - FAFSA explanation 101

     * FAFSA Checklist (and Dependency FAQs) - https://www.educationquest.org/pdfs/FAFSAchecklist.pdf