• Do you qualify?

    Do you qualify?

    Only 1 in 4 of all 17-24 year-olds is fit to serve in the U.S. military. Rising levels of obesity, tattoos, and even ADHD medications are some of the reasons the majority of young people are ineligible. Would you make the cut?

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  • The TWELVE Branches of our Military

    The TWELVE Branches of our Military

    Army? Navy? Air Force? Marines? Coast Guard? And also . . . Active Duty? Reserves? National Guard? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions . . .

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  • Should I take the ASVAB?

    Should I take the ASVAB?

    YES! The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is a great career-planning tool. EHS administers the ASVAB on campus once each fall (usually late October or early November). Listen to announcements and watch the school website for details on how to register.

    Practice tests and study tips can be found online. One good resource is www.march2success.com. ASVAP phone APPS are also available: ASVAB Mastery (iTunes) and ASVAB Test (Android).

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  • ASVAB Road Map

    ASVAB Road Map

    Using the Career Exploration tools through the ASVAB CEP, students can research careers at www.asvabprogram.com. Click above for helpful information about using these resources.

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