Local Mental Health Resources

  • The following local resources may help connect you to additional mental health care.  Use these resources to find help for yourself, a friend, or a family member.  If you need help getting started, talk with your school counselor.  You may also contact Destiny Hudson - ECS Parent Involvement Specialist (334-347-9531, dhudson@enterpriseschools.net) or Shannon Brown - ECS Licensed Professional Counselor (334-347-2640 ext. 9305, sbrown@enterpriseschools.net).

    *Please note this is not a comprehensive list of all counselors, but simply a list to help get you started.  No specific counselor, agency, or clinic is recommended.  Although we strive to keep the information up to date, practitioners transition regularly so there may be some information that has changed. *

    Barkley Counseling Center
    210 E. Grubbs St., Suite 1
    Enterprise, AL  36330
    (334) 347-1414

    Dover Counseling Services
    1311 Rucker Blvd.
    Enterprise, AL  36330
    (334) 417-0212
    drug assessment, drug screening, in-home and office counseling, psychological evaluations

    Enterprise Autism Social/Support Group
    Shelby DiPilla, M.A., BCBA, LBA
    Facebook www.facebook.com/EnterpriseASDsocialskills
    Helping individuals on the Autism Spectrum and their families build social relationships and find local resources.  The group meets in Enterprise the first Tuesday of every month at the Enterprise Public Library (10:00 a.m.) and in Ft. Rucker the last Thursday of every month at the Ft. Rucker Commons (6:00 p.m.).

    Expressive Beginnings
    204 N. Main Street
    Enterprise, AL  36330
    (334) 350-0711
    ABA therapy, functional behavioral assessments, parent training, social skills development

    Family Counseling Center
    557 Glover Ave. #3
    Enterprise, AL  36330
    (334) 308-2292
    Family and individual counseling

    Dr. Fred George
    557 Glover Ave., Suite 3
    Enterprise, AL  36330
    (334) 347-1862
    Family and individual counseling, psychological evaluations, Spanish speaking counselor available

    Hillcrest Baptist Church
    500 Alberta Street
    Enterprise, AL  36330
    (334) 347-2516
    Christian counseling, cancer support group, single & parenting support group, other support groups as needed

    Patterson Counseling & Therapy
    *affiliate of Cosby and Cosby Counseling & Therapy*
    557 Glover Ave., Suite 3
    Enterprise, AL  36330
    (334) 347-1862 office
    (334) 406-1224 cell

    Samata Wellness Solutions
    128 South Main Street
    Enterprise, AL  36330
    (334) 379-2865
    (844) 472-6282

    South Central Alabama Mental Health
    2861 Neal Metcalf Road
    Enterprise, AL  36330
    (334) 347-0212
    Free or low-cost counseling, substance abuse program, in-home services, school-based programs, summer programs, parent project, psychiatric services, crisis intervention, diagnostic testing and assessments, family support, mental health consultations

    Southeast Alabama Autism Center
    1247 Rucker Blvd., Suite 3
    Enterprise, AL  36330
    (334) 347-5003

    Stefanie Archie
    127 East College Street
    Enterprise, AL  36330
    (334) 347-4480

    Tri-County Psychiatric Services
    557 Glover Ave., Suite 1
    Enterprise, AL  36330
    (334) 347-7705

    ABA Therapy & Counseling Services
    3124 W. Main St., Suite 9
    Dothan, AL  36305
    (334) 714-3696
    Provides individualized treatment and consultation services for autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders

    Calloway Consulting
    Darryl Calloway, Sr.
    (334) 399-5371

    Child & Family Services
    100 Westside Drive
    Dothan, AL  36303
    (334) 793-2237
    (800) 720-9926
    Counseling, tutoring, psychological assessments

    Cogito Mental Health Services
    248 North Foster Street
    Dothan, AL  36303
    (334) 446-1838
    Behavioral issues, trauma/crisis counseling, anxiety, depression, anger management

    Cosby & Cosby Counseling and Consulting
    109 Medical Park Dr., Suite C
    Andalusia, AL  36420
    *some therapists travel to Enterprise*
    (334) 222-1818
    (334) 892-3252 Emergency Number 
    Family and individual counseling, behavioral therapy, forensic interviews, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy, couples counseling, psychological assessments

    Counseling Services of Dothan
    1450 Ross Clark Circle
    Dothan, AL  36301
    (334) 794-2113
    ADHD/Learning disabilities, personality testing, memory testing, educational evaluations, forensic assessments, individual/group/family counseling, parent coaching, behavioral management, psycho trauma assessments

    Dothan Behavioral Medicine Clinic
    408 Healthwest Drive
    Dothan, AL  36301
    (334) 702-7222
    Behavioral medicine, counseling, medication, psychological and psychiatric evaluations, on-site pharmacy

    John David Rook
    258 South Painter Avenue
    Ozark, AL  36360
    (334) 774-5300
    Individual and family counseling, couple therapy, disaster counseling, addictions and dependency, depression/grief, chronically/terminally ill 

    Orchard ABA
    (850) 815-8800
    In-home and community-based therapy for children and youth with behavioral concerns associated with autism, ADHD, developmental delays, behavioral concerns, and other diagnoses.

    Professional Counseling & Consulting Service
    188 North Foster Street
    Dothan, AL  36303
    (334) 370-9838
    Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), trauma-focused therapy, family and individual counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), family conflict, sexual abuse, narcissistic personality

    Progress Center - Listening & Learning Center
    2543 Ross Clark Circle, Suite 5
    Dothan, AL  36301
    (334) 699-4007
    Provides services for children and adults with a variety of challenges including ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and classroom difficulties.  Programs include ABA therapy, speech therapy, academic tutoring, behavioral therapy, and cognitive therapy.

    Southeastern Psychological & Counseling Services
    256 Honeysuckle Rd., Suite 14
    Dothan, AL  36305
    (334) 794-5467

    Spectra Care
    3542 Montgomery Hwy
    Dothan, AL  36302
    (800) 951-4357
    Developmental disability services, behavioral health services, psychological evaluations, counseling, drug assessments

    The Exchange Center
    102 Morgan Street
    Dothan, AL  36301
    (334 ) 671-1966
    Family and individual counseling, parenting support, anger management, domestic violence counseling