• Forensics “Cat Talk” Project Overview



    Title:   OJ Simpson – Can You Make a Case?

               Casey Anthony – Can You Make a Case?

               Jon Benet Ramsey – Can You Make a Case?

               Atlanta Child Murders – Can You Make a Case?

               Others:  FBI.org gives some examples


    Solved Case:                              SOLVE IT!                              (using your (3) pieces of evidence)

    Unsolved Case:   DEFEND OR OVERRULE THE VERDICT   (using your (3) pieces of evidence)


    Grade:  11-12


    Group Size:  Individual student assignment

                          Deadlines:  ­­­­____________8:00 am  NO EXCEPTION(MUST be submitted correctly)

                               Presentation Date:  ____________

                                            1) Google Slides –

                                               *Submitted to Classroom under CAT TALK SLIDES


                                           2)  Research Paper  

                                               (Paper, Works Cited  = one document)

                                               *Submitted to Classroom under CAT TALK RESEARCH PAPER


                                            3) Survey –

                                                *Submitted to Classroom under CAT TALK SURVEY

    Project Idea: Forensics

    • Choose (3) types of forensics evidence of your interest that we have covered.
    • Research your case: Be prepared to have extensive knowledge about how the

          (3)three types of evidence you have chosen impacted this case. You MUST focus on

          these three pieces of evidence in your presentation.

    • Determine if you support the verdict or the outcome of the case.
    • Present your argument in support or not to the class on stage being recorded in Ted Talks format.


    • Create Google Slides presentation (5 slides ONLY) EVIDENCE  (Use Google Slides)

           Slide 1      Name

           Slide 2-4   Different evidence (3) on each slide.  Pictures only of the evidence.

           Slide 5      There must be a graph, or chart referring to your survey.

           Turn in to Google Classroom


    • Research PaperTHE CASE
    • What happened? How media impacted this case? Etc. Do you think it made a difference? Why? Two FULL pages typed with a TITLE ONLY at the top.  Single space only!  14 font or less
    • Works Cited (MLA and will be graded by an English teacher) (page 3)
    • Must be checked on turnitin.com with 15% or less. Corrected grammar!
    • Turn in final copy to Google Classroom.


    • Survey - Create a 10 question survey about this case sent to minimum of (50) individuals. You must keep a detailed question and answer document (questions and responses) on each survey.  **You must have at least 25 results!  Utilize google forms for this survey.

    You MUST:       Under settings…..

    • Check Collect e-mail addresses
    • Check Limit to one response



    You take the first survey so that your name shows on the results spread sheet. 

    Turn in spread sheet proof of survey.

    • Go to your responses, click on the green cross.
    • Title the Document with your name.
    • Copy the URL
    • Turn in the URL to Google Classroom as a link (NOT COMMENT)


    • Present your case in Ted Talk format in the PAC. (5 min)  Must be present or deduction will be taken.



    Driving Question (DQ):  After researching your case, how can you as a forensics scientist

                                             support or not support the verdict?


    Major Products:  

    • Various comparison/contrast graphs that inter-relate your (3) evidence selections.
    • Speaking
    • Using technology and social media to obtain data.
    • Proof that evidence supported/not supported the outcome.  
    • Voice/Choice

        Choosing which types of evidence to use

    • Cat Talks Presentation – speaking skills  (look up TED TALKS for examples)


    Public product:

    1. “CAT” (Ted) Talks Forensics Style, create open forum for the Cat Talk.
    2. Google Forms


                                  Can you make a case?

    Case Rubric





    100 pts



    50 pts


    Peer Review

    100 pts






    TED Talk Resources:


    How to write a TED Talk: We can steal from this and create something that is more applicable for the high school students…

    http://storage.ted.com/tedx/manuals/IllustratedTEDxSpeakerGuide.pdf (this is amazing!!!)




    TED Talks by brilliant kids & teens: https://www.ted.com/playlists/129/ted_under_20


    Resources to help students write/present their talks:







    Where all the TED ED Videos Live, also a place you (and/or students) can create TED-ED Lessons


    #TEDEdChat Twitter

    Sample Questions:  OJ

    Possible Survey Questions:       These are just suggestions!

    1. What is your age
    • 0-15
    • 16-25
    • 26-30
    • 31-45
    • 46+
    1. Are you familiar with the OJ Simpson Case?
    • None
    • Very little
    • Familiar
    • Very Familiar
    1. OJ Simpson was found:
    • Guilty
    • Not Guilty
    1. Did you agree with the verdict
    • Yes
    • No
    1. Did you watch the OJ Simpson original case on television?
    • Yes
    • Sometimes
    • No


    1. Do you think it was a racially biased verdict?
    • Yes
    • No
    1. Do you think the media affected the verdict of the case
    • Yes
    • No
    1. What was the most compelling piece of evidence in your opinion?
    • Fingerprints
    • Blood
    • DNA
    • Other
    1. Do you think the evidence was handled properly in this case
    • Yes
    • No
    1. In your opinion, did the lawyer do a thorough job?
    • Yes
    • No


    1. Do you think the jury understood DNA?
    • Yes
    • No
    1. What are your comments on this case?