• Teacher: Sue Peacock

    Course:    Forensic Science

    Textbook:  Forensic Science: Fundamentals and Investigations

    e-mail:  speacock@enterpriseschools.net


    Course Description:  Our study of Forensic Science will include five main areas of study – impression evidence, trace evidence, chemical evidence, biological evidence, crime scene investigation, and laws.  Our focus will remain on the analysis of evidence using the different sciences and scientific procedures.  In addition, case studies and crime scene scenarios will be used to develop an understanding of the issues emerging as the science of forensics continues to develop.


    Lab Fee:  $26.00



    Throughout the course, students will:

    • Develop skills to help facilitate creative thinking and problem solving.
    • Learn about different methods used to analyze evidence.
    • Improve science skills related to research.
    • Learn to make predictions and decisions based on measurement, observations, and calculations.


    Class Expectations:

    • Arrive on time!  In your seat ready to work when the tardy bell rings.
    • Be prepared to do both individual and group work.  KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!
    • Bring necessary materials to class everyday such as notebook and pen or pencil.
    • Students will be expected to clean their area before leaving at the end of the block.
    • Be mature, motivated, and willing to learn.
    • Horseplay is absolutely not tolerated.
    • Safety procedures will be strictly enforced on all equipment used in the technology area.
    • NO GUM!
    • DRESS CODE will be enforced!
    • Make-up work is the student’s responsibility!! 
    • No one is to leave the classroom without signing out.
    • No late work is accepted.


    Supplies Needed:   

    • Lab Journal- lined(college ruled) MUST be a composition book!


    • Zip-lock bags
    • 2 rolls paper towels
    • 1 box disposable gloves




    Current Events: 

    I feel that it is my responsibility to teach each student how to take what they have learned and be able to apply it to different settings and situations.  I have a blog on which students will post weekly using their terms for the corresponding chapter.  This is assigned on Monday and must be posted by Friday at 8:00 am.  If there is no Internet at home, a letter must be on file from the parent and the student will be allowed to write the assignment.  The website is www.scienceis1.edublogs.org







    Week                       Unit

    Week 1           Observational Skills (Chapter 1)

    Week 2           Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Examination (CH 2)

    Week 3           The Study of Hair (Chapter 3)

    Week 4           A Study of Fibers and Fabrics.  (Chapter 4)

    Week 5           Pollen and Spore Examination. (Chapter 5)

    Week 6           Fingerprinting.  (Chapter 6)

    Week 7           Crime Scene #1 Evaluation

    Week 8           DNA Profiling.  (Chapter 7)

    Week 9           Blood and Blood Spatter (Chapter 8)

    Week 10         Drug Identification and Toxicology.(CH 9)

    Week 11         Handwriting Analysis, Forgery, and Counterfeiting.  (CH 10)

    Week 12         Death: Meaning, Manner, Mechanism and Time.  (CH 11)

    Week 13         Crime Scene #2 Evaluation

    Week 14         Soil Examination (CH 12), Forensic Anthropology (CH 13)

    Week 15         Glass Evidence   (Chapter 14)

    Week 16         Casts and Impressions.  (Chapter 15)

    Week 17         Tool Marks  (Chapter 16)

    Week 18         Ballistics            






    *Projects and assignments will be announced and discussed in class.



    *The information on this outline is subject to change.  Adjustments

      in time frames may be necessary during the course of study. 




    Grading Policy: All grades will be based on total points earned during the grading period.  Total earned points/total points attempted.  All grades will be returned in a timely fashion so each student will know where they stand at all times.


                                 Tests = 100 points

                                 Labs = 100 points

                                 Current Events (weekly) = 50 points

                                 Homework/Classwork = varies

                                 Lab Journal = 200 pts  (must be tabbed)


    Grading Scale:    A   90-100            Excellent

                                 B   80-89              Good Achievement

                                 C   70-79              Satisfactory Achievement

                                 D   60-69              Fair Achievement

                                 F   59 and below   Failure

                                 I    Assignments not completed


    Because this class does cover crime and crime scenes, items of a graphic nature will be used,  These items may contain picture of real crime scenes, evidence, victim’s bodies, and other materials.  All of these materials will be used in a manner that facilitates learning, and will not promote crimes and murders and entertainment.  The learning process that will occur in this class are to help students understand how to work crime scenes and possibly solve crimes, as well as prevent them in the future.

    I am looking forward to having your student in my classroom!



    1. Peacock

    EHS Science Dept.


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