• Purpose of Program:

    The purpose of the guidance program is to provide assistance, encouragement and direction to students and parents in areas such as academics, social skills, career development and to address any emotional needs.  Guidance lessons will be centered around these domains during whole group instruction. 


    Guidance counselors are held to the same strict standards as other professional counselors.  Issues that are shared in counseling sessions with teachers, students and parents will be held confidential.  There are exceptions to this policy.  Confidentiality can be broken if someone is harming themselves, if they are being harmed by someone else or by court order.

    Counseling Sessions:

    Whole Group Guidance-There will be 30 minute whole group guidance lessons taught in each classroom.  Whole group lessons will cover starting school, saying "No" to drugs, being a peacemaker, and career development.


    Small Group Guidance-Some students may see me in small group guidance.  These students can be referred by their teacher, their parent(s), other school employees or they may refer themselves.  Small group guidance will address specific issues. Such as:  

    Adjusting to School

    Family Changes

    Military Service

    Social Skills

    Positive Self Esteem

    Anger Management

    Individual Counseling will take place when the need is addressed. During this time we will address the issue(s) at hand.  These students will be referred by the teacher, parent(s), other staff members or they can also refer themselves.

    Please know that my door is always open.  You can feel free to email me or call the school office at 393-9542 with your questions or concerns.

    I am looking forward to working with you and your child.