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100 Books

  • CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for reading 100 books...

    **This page will be updated at the end of every month**


    October:  Justus Judah, John Romanello, Jenna Lee

    November:  Elizabeth Wood, Anthony Owens, Carson Thorn, Avery Garrison, Windsor Hodges, Jack Welch

    December:  Hollister Hooper, Samuel Harris, Jordan Turner






    WOW!!!!!  WAY TO GO!!!

Fry Word Hall of Fame


    Fry Word Hall of Fame: (updated 12/9/19)

    100 Fry Words:  Brooks Thrash, Roen McGulley, Grace Wallace, Jenna Lee, Reyna Diaz, Jacob Hines, Grace Wallace, Rhett Segall, Anthony Owens, Allianne Gagnon, Nevaeh Scott, Justus Judah, Matthew Hoskins, Carson Bryant, 

    200 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley, Jenna Lee, Grace Wallace, Mary Caroline Dow, Reyna Diaz, Alli Gagnon, Justus Judah,

    300 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley, Jenna Lee, Grace WallaceBrooks Thrash, Reyna Diaz

    400 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley, Grace Wallace, 

    500 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley, Grace Wallace

    600 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley

    700 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley

    800 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley

    900 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley

    1,000 Fry Words:  Roen McGulley

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