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100 Books

  • CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for reading 100 books...

    **This page will be updated at the end of every month**


    November:  Avia Craig

    December:  Jackson Ruark, Scarlett Long, Lucas Seidell, Kolton Shaw

    January:  Kip Nichols, Makinna Calvin, James Lark III





    WOW!!!!!  WAY TO GO!!!

Fry Word Hall of Fame


    Fry Word Hall of Fame: (updated 1/21/21)

    100 Fry Words:  Brent Hornbaker, Kip Nichols, Bryar Waltman, Avia Craig, Scarlett Long, Kynlee Horton, Jax McLeod, Carly Harris, Demetrius Borders, Nico Urquiza, Wyatt Windham, Jayce Bueby, Juliet Choate, James Lark, Mariah Gray

    200 Fry Words:  Brent Hornbaker, Avia Craig, Bryar Waltman, Kip Nichols, Scarlett Long, Kynlee Horton, Jax McLeod, Wyatt Windham, Nico Urquiza

    300 Fry Words:  Brent Hornbaker, Bryar Waltman, Avia Craig, Kip Nichols, Scarlett Long

    400 Fry Words:  Avia Craig, Bryar Waltman

    500 Fry Words:  Avia Craig

    600 Fry Words:  

    700 Fry Words:  

    800 Fry Words:  

    900 Fry Words:  

    1,000 Fry Words: