Coppinville Jr High School

Our vision is to develop principled students prepared for life after graduation.

Welcome to Our House

  • Welcome to Our House

            In order to enhance student engagement at school and to provide a sense of belonging to every student, we created the CJHS House system - communities within a community.  Every student, teacher, and staff member belongs to one of our five houses.  Our motto - At Coppinville We Have Eagle PRIDE - is the basis for the house names.


    Every house has its own crest which is displayed on the classroom or office door of its members. Members of each house work together to compete in academics, athletics, school spirit, good citizenship, community service, field day activities, school attendance, and any number of things that come up during the school year that we can use as a constructive competition.  The friendly rivalry builds a healthy community spirit where friendships are strengthened and school becomes a place where everyone feels connected.


    Our slogan is “Individually Unique; Together Complete,” and we begin each school year together in the gym at our House Sorting Ceremony where new students and seventh graders draw a house color out of the Sorting Trunk.  This ceremony is high energy and has a pep rally atmosphere.  Teachers and eighth grade house members are dressed in house colors, playing music, chanting house slogans, and holding signs to welcome new house members. It is very festive!  Our house system gives students a chance to be involved in the school community from their very first day! 

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    Welcome to Our House!