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Folder K-6 Compass Learning T2, T3, Objective Based Lessons - Guides (18 Files)
doc file Information about the Archive
pdf file 6 Gr. Standards Based Lessons.pdf
pdf file 6th Grade T2.pdf
pdf file 6th Grade T3.pdf
pdf file 5 Gr. Standards Based Lessons.pdf
pdf file 5th Grade T2.pdf
pdf file 5th Grade T3.pdf
pdf file 4th Standards Based Lessons.pdf
pdf file 4th Gr T2.pdf
pdf file 4th Gr T3.pdf
pdf file 3rd Gr. Objective Based Lessons.pdf
pdf file 3rd G T2.pdf
pdf file 3rd G T3.pdf
pdf file Gr 2 Objective Based Lessons.pdf
pdf file Gr 2 T2.pdf
pdf file Gr 2 T3.pdf
pdf file GR 1 Objective Based Lessons.pdf
pdf file K Objective Based Lessons.pdf
Folder Technology Standards (2 Files)
pdf file 6th-8th Scope and Sequence with Resources
doc file K-8 Technology Scope and Sequence with Resources
Folder InformationNOW (6 Files)
pdf file Quick Reference Guide
pdf file Classroom Attendance for Teachers
pdf file Grade Book Setup
pdf file Lesson Plans
pdf file Printing Progress Reports
pdf file Printing Comprehensive Progress Reports
Folder Compass Learning (16 Files)
pdf file Compass Learning Training Guide.pdf
pdf file Compass_Quick_Tips.pdf
pdf file CompassOdysseyOrientation(STUDENTS)
pdf file Creating a Class
doc file Creating an Authentic Task
pdf file How to create a post test
pdf file Math Toolkit User Guide
pdf file Odyssey Basics for Teachers
pdf file Odyssey Writer
pdf file Odyssey Writer Basic Teacher Functions
doc file Odyssey Writer Handbook
pdf file OdysseyWriterTraining.pdf
pdf file Quick Start Guide for Students and Parents
pdf file Test Builder step by step
pdf file Users Guide
pdf file More Compass Learning Quick Tips
Folder CPS Guides (5 Files)
pdf file CPS & Workspace Help
pdf file CPS Guide
pdf file CPS Training Workbook
pdf file CPS+Windows+Quick+Reference.pdf
pdf file Users Guide
Folder SMARTboard/training (20 Files)
pdf file A Beginners Guide
smartboard file Attendance Checkin.notebook
pdf file Cleaning Your SMARTboard.pdf
smartboard file EnglishTraining
smartboard file General Training
smartboard file Intermediate SB
doc file Intermediate SB Handout
pdf file Number Cruncher
pdf file Quick Reference Toolkit 2.0
smartboard file ScienceTraining
pdf file SMART Notebook 10
pdf file Smart Notebook 10 Users Guide
pdf file SMART Notebook Activity Guide
pdf file SMART Notebook Step by Step
pdf file SMART Notebooks Basics
smartboard file SocialStudiesTraining
smartboard file Software Training
pdf file Speller
pdf file To add activities to your SMART Board.pdf
smartboard file Toolkt
Folder Interwrite Mobi and Workspace Software (2 Files)
pdf file Interwrite Mobi Getting Started.pdf
pdf file Workspace Software How To Guide
Folder PowerPoint (2 Files)
ppt file Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
ppt file PowerPoint07Class.pptx
Folder STIPD Instructions (1 Files)
pdf file STIPD_Handout_ECS.pdf
Folder What is Web 2.0? (1 Files)
pdf file Dede_Emerging_Interactive_Media_FETC09.pdf
Folder Document Storage (11 Files)
pdf file #10B How Electricity is Generated
pdf file #2B Electrolytes
pdf file #3A Electron Dot Diagram
pdf file 1939-1945WorldEventsFill_in_the_blank.pdf
pdf file Age of Sail Maps
doc file Central and South America Map
pdf file Changes in German BoardersFill_in_the_blank.pdf
pdf file Inventors Chart
pdf file Latin American Revolutions
pdf file PplofEnlightenment
pdf file ScientificRevPeople
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