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Student/Parent Resources


Compass Learning Guide for Students & Parents 

Just For Fun 
Fun Brain - All subject areas arcade games (K-8)
Games and Activities - Have fun while you learn (K-12)

Language Arts
Instant Poetry - Just add words to make the poem your own.

Star Fall - great resource for reading. (K-1)
Roy the Zebra - reading (K-2)
Grammar Ninja - Practice your grammar skills.

AAA Math - by content (K-8)
Interactivate - Over 100 interactive activities exploring many areas of mathematics (8-12)
Math.com - (K-12)
Math Playground - (K-8)
Mathvids - instructional math videos (7th-12th)
Mortgage Calculator - Mortgage Calculator for Kids

Presentation Tools
Create a Graph - Print or download
Citation Machine

EasyBib - Always site your sources!
Free Images for school use
Poster Projects - Quick, easy and free
Web 2.0 - Project ideas that go way beyond posters and PowerPoints!

OLogy - American Museum of Natural History (K-6)
Windows to the Universe - (K-12)

Social Studies
BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper - (6-12)

Study Skills
ACT Practice Tests
Study Stack - Find flashcards or create your own (7-12)
Keyboard Practice


Reference Links - Easy place to find information on any topic (K-12)

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