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"The job of a teacher is to excite in the young a boundless sense of curiosity about life, so that the growing child shall come to apprehend it with an excitement tempered by awe and wonder."
     - John Garrett


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These links are cross curriculum websites or sites that you might refer to often for general resources.

Alabama Department of Education

STI InformationNow Videos for Teachers
INOW General Overview and Navigation
INOW Gradebook Setup
INOW Creating Activities
INOW Classroom Grades Menu
INOW Averaging and Posting Grades
INOW Entering Scores and Comments
INOW Posting Attendance
INOW Seating Charts
INOW Gradebook Reports
INOW Classroom Reports Menu
INOW Lunch Counts

STI Professional Development Teacher Tutorial
Links to Auburn City Schools

ARMT - these are powerpoint bellringer presentations from DeKalb Cty. for ARMT Math
ARMT - more resources for Reading, Math and Science
ARMT - even more resources for Reading

ARMT Math Item


       ARMT Reading Item 

Grade 3

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 8

*Integrating the Technology Course of Study
       The Writing Site
       K-2 Technology Lesson Plans
Computer Care Poster (K-2)
Addition Online (1) 
       3-5 Technology Lesson Plans
Poetry with Pizazz (3-5) 
       6-8 Technology Lesson Plans
CyberTrip USA (6) 
       Technology Lesson Plans - Alabama   
       Technology Course of Study

DIBELS Intervention

CompassLearning - ODYSSEY
ExamView - Test Generator & Test Manager information

ODYSSEY Video Tutorials:
 - Odyssey Assignment Builder 
 - Searching Assignments by Sequences, Skills,  and Standards
 - Add a New Teacher
 - Adding a Class and Adding Students
 - Odyssey Assignment Archive
 - Odyssey Assignment Status
 - Odyssey Resources
 - Odyssey System Requirements
 - Odyssey Reports
 - Odyssey Assigning Objective-Based Test with Learning Paths

ODYSSEY Math Toolkit Tutorials

AMSTI - links for math and science
YouTube Conversion so you can show videos at school or upload to your slide presentations

CCS Elementary Technology Resources - awesome collection of resources!

APT PLUS - great resource for classroom video

Edutopia - The George Lucas Educational Foundation
K-12 Online Conference
Learn it Teach it - integrating technology into your lessons.  A source for lesson plans.
PowerPoint Jeopardy Template
QuestGarden - Webquest galore!
TRIP -  Teacher Resources for Instructional Planning is a project of the Mobile County Public Schools' Department of Instructional Technology. This site provides an alignment of lesson plans and other web-based resources to state and local standards for the K-12 curriculum.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - a ton of resources for every subject.

Busy Teachers Cafe - a resource site with ideas, lessons, printables and more.

Rocket-Bee Web Search Center "Everything you need to find whatever you need to find!" Great page from Chatterbees's website.


I Know That  K-6 All subjects
Award Maker
Classroom Management Forms
Ideas for Clickers
eInstruction Downloads *
eInstruction CPS Tutorials
CPS Clickers Users Manual
Mobi Workspace Training Manual
Einstruction CPS Training Videos - these are
training videos for the clickers

Document Camera
Ways to use your document camera
Case Studies of using document cameras

SMART Response
SMART Response (formerly Senteo): Quick Reference Guides These are reference guides for setting up the Senteo, creating an assessment, and more available in PDF file format to download.
Create Assessments for Use with the SMART Response System  This is a 2-minute tutorial demonstrating how to create an assessment.
Building a Class List Tutorial
Watch this 2-minute tutorial to learn how to build a class list by Senteo Manager.
Designing an Assessment Using the Senteo Interactive Response System and Notebook Software
This six-page PDF file provides a guideline for designing an assessment using the Senteo.
SMART Response Question Sets
Here are question sets available to download. The questions are organized by standard, subjects, and grade levels.
Math Jeopardy with a Senteo Twist
Review math concepts using Senteo to play a jeopardy-type game.
Senteo Test Templates
This page has Math and Science Senteo test templates available for download (NYS tests). NOTE: A member login is required for download. Signing up for a membership is free.
SMART Response Question Sets
Here are question sets available to download. The questions are organized by standard, subjects, and grade levels.
Senteo Help The tutorials on this page are to assist you in setting up the Senteo Student Responders in your classroom. Each of the tutorials is a short video addressing steps in setting up and possible troubleshooting issues as well.

mimio tutorials
mimio tutorials wiki
mimio video tutorials
How to Change Mimio Pen Button Settings
Using document camera "Capture" feature with mimio
mimio studio user guide 
mimio set up guide
What's New in Studio 6
Mimio Notebook Training Tutorial

I Keep Bookmarks - This is a place where you can
bookmark websites for yourself or for a class.  You
can give a guest password to students and they can
locate the sites you want them to work on.  A webquest for example. 
Thinkfinity - Free teacher resources and lesson plans
Virtual Fieldtrips
ClassTools - create your own interactive games.
Kindergarten - Many Links, Interactive
1st Grade Resources
2nd Grade Resources
3rd Grade Resources
4th Grade Resources
5th Grade Resources
6th Grade Resources

Powerpoints for all Subjects
Powerpoints from Jefferson County Schools
Powerpoints from Graves County School

Kid's College
ABC Teach
BBC -Schools
Best Practices of Technology Integration - lesson plans that have been written by practicing teachers and have been "kid tested" to work in the classroom.
Filamentality - This site lets you create five different formats (hotlist, treasure hunts, sampler, scrapbook, and webquest). 
School Tube
Teacher Tube
PBS Teachers Science and Technology - grade specific science lesson plans utilizing technology.
Puzzlemaker by Discover Education - a puzzle generation tool for creating all tiypes of classroom puzzles.

Olathe District Schools





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