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Web 2.0
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What is Web 2.0 Anyway???  

This is the best explanation I have seen!                                                       

Web 1.0 Web 2.0
DoubleClick-->Google AdSense
Britannica Online-->Wikipedia
personal websites-->blogging
evite-->upcoming.org and EVDB
domain name speculation-->search engine optimization
page views-->cost per click
screen scraping-->web services
content management systems-->wikis
directories (taxonomy)-->tagging ("folksonomy")

by Tim O'Reilly

Animoto - Turns your images into videos (free if you keep it under 30 sec.)
    Examples of Animoto for Education
Flixtime - Turns your images, videos and text into a movie.  (60 sec. free)
Masher - create a video by mixing together video clips, music tracks, and photos all for free.
Classroom 2.0 - Social network for those interested in Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in education
Doublecross Education - Information on educational technology resources and examples
Edublog - Create an online class blog
   Example: Technology Blog - The Learning Never Ends
Edublogs.TV  - a video hosting site dedicated to education.  You can upload videos to put on your webpage at this site.
Empressr - Presentations with exciting effects (free)
EtherPad - EtherPad is a web-based word processor that allows people to work together in real-time. When multiple people edit the same document simultaneously, any changes are instantly reflected on everyone's screen. The result is a new and productive way to collaborate on text documents, useful for meeting notes, drafting sessions, education, team programming, and more.

Glogster - Glogster EDU is your original educational resource for innovative and interactive learning.
Google Earth
 - Use with map skills, or in math with area and perimeter
     Google Earth Lessons

Jing - Record video of onscreen action and share instantly
    Example:  Technology Resources Jing
Prezentit - create, share and show your presentation online
Photo Story 3 by Microsoft - bring digital photos to life

Skype - Online video conferencing
Wallwisher - is an excellent way to communicate with your students. 

Slideshare - Free site to upload and share your PowerPoint presentations
Sqworl - Create one URL that houses several related sites. Great time saver when you want students to explore multiple sites!!!
     Example: Presentation Sqworl
 by Jeanae Graves

Yodio - create voice recorded presentations.
Vocaroo - voice recording service.

VoiceThread - A way to talk about and share your images, documents, and videos
   Example: VoiceThreads for Education
Voki - get your own speaking avatar


Wikispaces - Create an online class wiki 
Windows Live Movie Maker - Free - allows you to easily turn photos and videos into great-looking movies
Wordle - a fun tool for generating word clouds.  Use with new spelling or vocabulary words, or for review of definitions.
   Examples:  Guess the wordle ,  Enterprise Schools
Xtranormal - Create movies in real time
Zunal - Place to create WebQuests

Instructional Videos
Blog (Youtube video must be viewed at home)
Podcast (Youtube video must be viewed at home)
Thinkfinity (Youtube video must be viewed at home)
Wiki (Youtube video must be viewed at home)

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